Probably the coolest photo ever taken of me.

Probably the coolest photo ever taken of me.

About Jabez

I started riding bikes when I was a wee young lad in rural Wisconsin – think skinned knees and a succession of slightly taller department-store full-suspension mountain bikes. But like most Americans, the bicycle had mysteriously disappeared from my life by the time I started high school. Using a bicycle for transportation, let alone recreation or exercise, was virtually unfathomable.

It wasn't until my college years that I took a renewed interest in biking with the help of a radical dorm roommate from the Twin Cities (and we're still best friends – check out his blog, During that time, I developed a passion for commuting, touring, and mountain biking. However, the term "cyclist" was not part of my vocabulary and I probably would have made fun of you for wearing spandex.

Fast-forward several years and, against my best intentions, I've somehow managed to turn into that spandex-clad cyclist you see brazenly hogging the whole lane in front of you. I still commute to work by bike every day, but you're just as likely to see me at a local group training ride.

Also, I'm a big foodie. I spend lots of time using my scientist brain to think about nutrition and healthy, natural foods for fueling my body both on and off the bike. Currently, I'm exploring a diet based on whole, unprocessed foods, and one that is lower-carbohydrate & higher-fat than that of the mainstream carb-dependency so omnipresent in our contemporary cycling scene/industry. Think paleo, primal, ketogenic (keto), fat-adaptation for endurance events, etc.

See you on the road, or on the trails, or gravel!